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Latest update August 6, 2018

Nording | Nording Pipes Denmark | Eriksen Keystone Smoking pipes | Danish Smoling pipes | Erik Nording
Pipes from Denmark

Erik Nording is a living legend in the world of pipe-makers.

A blacksmith and engineer, and son of an engineering blacksmith father, Erik was first drawn into the world of pipe making not for his love of pipes, but for his engineering skills. Eriksen Keystone Pipes
Nording Sailor
Nording Shorty
Nording Harmony

He constructed some pipe-making machinery for a prospective pipe-maker Skovbo. The name SON was an acronym for the names Skovbo and Nording stamped on the pipes they made together.
The cooperation started in 1963 but only lasted about two years.  Then, when he couldn’t be paid, Nording kept ownership of the machinery, and started to make pipes on his own.

This was in the late 1960s when the Danish pipe industry was taking off due to international demand for their unusual, distinctive, pipe styles and shapes.

Many years ago we visited Erik Nording and were taken to the workshop below his home outside Copenhagen.
Thanks to his engineering skills, he was one of the first of the pipe-makers to construct a machine with a template to prepare several bowls at one time.

Through thick and thin times Erik Nording has not only survived, his business has thrived.
Today more than 40 000 distinctive pipes a year leave his factory in Denmark, 90% to the USA.


Eriksen Keystone Pipes

Recently, together with his son Knud, he decided to reinvent the Eriksen filter pipe, which had been a success in the 1980s.

So, back to the engineering skills.


Their objectives were to construct a pipe:
Good for beginners;
Easy to fill, light up and smoke;
That is durable;
Requiring little maintenance;
That would leave no lump of wet tobacco in the bottom of the bowl at the end of a smoke;
That is eye-catching (available in the USA in addition to black, with a rich blue or dazzling white base);
That is affordable.
Good for pipe people who buy pipes for the smoking qualities of good briar, not necessarily (or only) for the aesthetics of fine grain, style, etc.
All these objectives are achieved in the new Eriksen Keystone filter pipe.

Almost a smoking machine – well-priced and offering a cool, dry smoke.

The base - difficult to break, easy to clean


The base (mouthpiece, shank, and bowl chamber) is constructed of black high impact polycarbonate: difficult to break, easy to clean.

Quality briar bowl is with a hard rubber gasketThe quality briar bowl is fitted with a hard rubber gasket to ensure an airtight fit: no thread system which may wear out.
No leaking juices.

Spare O-ring (gasket) 54-NordKOr R110.95 Click to begin the purchase process



Nording Pipe cross sectionThe bowl chamberThe bowl chamber is filled with highly absorbent Keystones (natural tasteless volcanic clay pellets), ensuring a cool, dry, smoke, right down to the last shred of tobacco.

The Nording pipe is easy to clean:
After smoking let the pipe cool down, then empty any dry ash remnants,
and the keystones (when necessary).
The briar bowl should be clean and dry – no further work normally needed.
Wash the base, using a pipe cleaner for the inside of shank and mouthpiece.
   I heard an aside: “I put it in the dishwasher when my wife’s not looking”.
   Hmmm – not so sure about that!

The pipe bowl is a really elegant shapeThe Nording pipe has a really elegant shape,
with the bowl complementing the shape of the base.

Base with bowl R680.90
Choose below

Here you can see the pipe in detail

The Nording pipe comes with one of four bowl finishes

Black high-polished
Base with bowl:
Black high-polished
54-NordKBlk R680.90 Click to begin the purchase process

Dark Brown Rustic Base with bowl:
Dark Brown Rustic finish,
with attractive highlights
54-NordKR R680.90 Click to begin the purchase process

Two Tone smooth Base with bowl:
Two Tone smooth, the grain
is highlighted with a deeper colour
54-NordKTTR680.90 Click to begin the purchase process

Lightly stained and polished - natural

Base with bowl:
Lightly stained and polished,
showing off the natural briar
54-NordKNatR680.90 Click to begin the purchase process

Spare bowls can be purchased in the four finishes above
54-NordKBwl R484.20 Click to begin the purchase process

Spare O-ring (gasket)
54-NordKOr R110.95 Click to begin the purchase process

As with all pipes (especially new pipes) smoke slowly
– relatively easy when the tobacco in the bowl stays dry.
If the pipe is too hot, you may notice a taste of plastic.

The price of this quality pipe is exceptional in today’s market – R680.90

All the components of the pipe are available separately, and each pipe comes with a complimentary canister of keystone pellets.
These Nording pipes were ready late 2011 – so they have proved their worth over time.
We were introduced to them by Erik and Knud at the InterTabac fair in Germany in September 2014.
The sucess of the Nording pipe has been extraordinary: we had to wait until this year to collect our first order of 24 pipes.

Durable, affordable, giving a cool dry smoke?
The Nording pipe is perfect for all occasions, and especially as a substitute for your normal pipe when fishing, hiking, etc.

The Keystone Pellets for Nording (and other pipes)
These have been available for some time – volcanic clay pellets:
natural, tasteless, highly absorbent.
Since they are natural they are not all the same size.

Put a few into the bowl chamber of your Nording Eriksen pipe, around and between the spiral. They recommend 10-15 pellets, but it obviously depends on the size of the pellets and the amount of moisture your tobacco generates.

Available in handy, refillable carry tins.

Keyatone Pellets
Available in handy, refillable carry tinsApproximately 10g 58-FilKeytin R40.35 Click to begin the purchase process

Refill from the 100g value pack.

58-FilKey100g R226.95 Click to begin the purchase process

Very economical when compared with most other filters.
Besides in the Nording, they can be used in the bowl of a normal briar pipe.


Grid showing pipe Size

Nording Sailor

Nording Sailor pipe; Briar bowl, anodised aluminium housing


These Nording pipes may look unusual, but they certainly look attractive.
Knowing Erik Nording, the briar will have been well-cured, they will be technically perfect, and they will smoke well
54-NordSail R1003.73 Click to begin the purchase process

Bronze Awaiting Arrival


Here you can see the pipe in detail


Nording Shorty

Nording Shorty ceramic pipeThe base (mouthpiece, shank, and bowl chamber) of this Nording pipe is constructed of black high impact polycarbonate: difficult to break, easy to clean.
The bowls are durable ceramic.
Black and white

54-NordSh Awaiting Arrival

Here you can see the pipe in detail

Shorty is a true filter stones pipe and comes with a box of high-absorbing clay pellets that ensure a dry cool smoke. The pellets are made from a unique volcanic clay found exclusively in the Limfjord region of Denmark. By using pellets no tobacco is wasted in the bottom of the pipe bowl. Simply place 10 to 15 filter stones into the spiral chamber, mount the pipe bowl and fill it with tobacco. After smoking allow the pipe to cool down, empty the ashes from the pipe bowl and the used filter stones from the spiral chamber.
But don’t forget. It’s all about having a good time. Made for a good smoke in the best company.
Description from the packet

Nording Harmony

Harmony is a perfect description of these quality briar Nording pipes, with elegant multi-tone coloured finishes.

Nording Harmony quality briar pipesOnly one of each – the pipe you see is the pipe you will get. Each pipe is boxed and comes with a protective sleeve.

They feel very good in the hand, and Erik Nording will have made certain that the briar is top quality, the finish is durable, and the smoking experience excellent.

The Nording model decorated in brown tones has a black mouthpiece with 9mm option.

54-NordHrmBrn Sorry, I'm sold!

The models decorated in green tones, or in grey and white tones, have matching non-filter mouthpieces.

54-NordHrmGrn Sorry, I'm sold!

54-NordHrmWht Sorry, I'm sold!

Here you can see the pipe in detail

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