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Dunhill White Spot Cigar Case
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3-Pipe Bag
Foldover Companion Pouch Case for 2 Robusto cigars For Cigars up to Churchill or Montecristo No.2 size
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When you spend
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 It matters not what
you do, only that you
love whatever you
happen to do.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
From now to 28 June we offer 15% off Dunhill Cigar Cases 25% off all other Cigar cases  AND/OR 15% off Dunhill Pouches 25% off all other Pipe Pouches and Carry Bags


Essentials for your Pipe and Cigar hobby
(or the ideal list for gift givers :) )

Whenever a man takes up the hobby of Pipes or Cigars I remind him that from that moment on he will have to buy his own ties and socks for Birthday, Christmas and Father’s Day.

It’s not just that his family will give him a pipe or cigar for each event.
It’s that the hobby opens up a whole new range of necessary paraphernalia surrounding it.
And it’s good to share this hobby with a special person in your life.

So with Father’s Day having passed we can still bear in mind what some of these options are?
I have been offering some thoughts across the counter – here they are for you.

For the cigar smoker

Robusto Varies Cigar SelectionWhat better way to spend the relaxing afternoon or evening than trying out and comparing different cigars: blends, sizes.
Our 3-pack selections include full description of the cigars, and what we are offering in the way of comparisons. Priced from R135.00.

Does he have a cigar cutter for out-and-about that won’t matter if it is lost?
Basic cutters prices from R49.50
But he’d really enjoy having a top quality Cutter (or Scissors, or Punch) for his special cigar-smoking place.
Does he know about the Dunhill White Spot Cutter with surgical steel blades?
Such a pleasure to use a fine instrument.

customised cigar ashtrayAnd what happens to the ash when he is at ease with his cigar?
A customised cigar ashtray keeps the cigar burning evenly when he puts it down, and prevents a mess from the ash.

Sometimes away from his favourite cigar nook?
He will need to carry his cigars safely – in a cigar case.  For real elegance see the Dunhill White Spot cases.
And he may not have the correct ashtray! A cigar rest turns any receptacle into a cigar ashtray.

How easy does he find it to light his cigar?
Indoors – Thicker matches offer such an intimate experience as he watches the glow gradually take hold.
Outdoors – something stronger needed here – the Turbo (jet) cigar lighters will withstand almost any weather conditions

He’s still keeping his cigars in a Tupperware???

There is such a variety of beautiful boxes – Humidors to keep his cigars safe, which will grace the room while they’re about it.

You can find something really special in the Dunhill White Spot range of Humidors.


For the pipe smoker

Are his pipes lying around in a drawer or on a desk?
Pipe rack
Do you think he might like having them neatly arranged on a pipe stand – and airing properly at the same time?

What does he do with his pipe when he needs to put it down, in between smokes or when he has finished?

Ash on the desk or the work bench??
A customised pipe ashtrayA customised pipe ashtray will hold all
the ash, and rest his pipe safely away from a leftover piece of burning tobacco.

Pipe Ashtray and Rest
What about a combination which will cover the ash until the ashtray is cleaned?

He already has a favourite large ashtray.
Customise it for him with a pipe rest and cork knocker.

He will no doubt take his pipes away with him – business Dunhill The White Spot companion tobacco pouchtrip or the odd weekend?
For a short trip a companion tobacco pouch will carry tobacco, pipe, cleaners, tool - everything he needs. Available in soft synthetic or fine leather.
And the ultimate comes from Dunhill The White Spot.   

Carry case for 2 – 4 pipes

A longer trip may require a carry case for 2 – 4 pipes; plus of course all the other essential paraphernalia.



The Father in your life is a DIY man?
He would enjoy cleaning and polishing to restore his pipes to their original glory.
Dunhill White Spot Pipe Care KitThe Dunhill White Spot Pipe Care Kit has everything he would need – including a silicone cloth which doubles as a lubricating cloth for the peg/shank join. R210.00
Individual cleaning polishes and fluids are also available.

The Father in your life is NOT a DIY man?
You could consider having his pipes Refurbished – contributing to his renewed enjoyment of his old favourites which may have gone a bit sour.

Maybe he is just starting out?
Savinelli Dry System PipesIntroduce him to the Savinelli Dry System – 3 stunning finishes
on Special now at less 25%
Read why.
Maybe he needs a new pipe? 
Same story – he’ll appreciate it.

How easy does he find it to light his pipe?
Thicker matches offer such a peaceful experience as he watches the glow gradually develop.
A butane  lighter with directional flame might assist.

And so to a special offer in honour of Father’s Day
– something he will keep with him and use often …….. ………..

From now to 28 June, 2017, we offer
15% off Dunhill Cigar Cases ~ 25% off all other Cigar cases
(Normal prices from R395.00)
15% off Dunhill Pouches ~ 25% off all other Pipe Pouches and Carry Bags
(Normal prices from R135.00)

Whether his hobby is Pipes or Cigars or both, he will feel appreciated and exceptional when you show you know how much he enjoys his hobby.

Colin Wesley
No.406 June 8 -28, 2017

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